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We've been at this for the better part of a decade and we're proud to say we've worked on some really rewarding projects for both our clients and ourselves. You'll find short summaries of several of them here. Many have white papers that are available for download, as well. To learn more or get a proposal for your project, please Contact Us to set up a no obligation consultation or Submit an RFP.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Image Database Design & Development

The Kansas City Chiefs needed an internal image management system that provides the type of custom features and functionality that was lacking from existing products available. The Chiefs wanted a system free of monthly subscription fees and the common limitations of "out-of-the-box" software.

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Clinical Reference Laboratories

CMS for Clinical Reference Laboratory

To solve design inconsistency, content administration, and user experience challenges for a site that contained over 1,000 pages of content that over time had become disorganized or hard to find. The site had no central hub of content or controls which prevented it from being leveraged as a valuable digital asset.

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Kansas City Lyric Opera

Design, Development & Custom Integration for Lyric Opera

The old website was not a seamless experience when ordering tickets and contributing donations. The site also had areas that could not be administratively adjusted for layout and aesthetics and did not provide for a clear path for users to purchase tickets.

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Bott Radio Station Map

Enterprise Web Property for Bott Radio Network

Design and build a cutting edge, best of class property to further position the organization as a leader in its market. A fresh aesthetic, modern site architecture and improved user experience to enrich the offering and create a valuable extension of the Bott Radio Network brand.

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Global Orphan Project

The Global Orphan Project Technology Platform

Myriad technologies were not working efficiently together and consuming resources that are best spent working on the organization's mission. Voltage was engaged to consult on technology and offer solutions to help the staff focus less on the technology and more on their valuable work.

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Hurricane Photo

Midland Radio Consumer Products E-commerce Website

Midland Radio is the world leader in the weather radios. In addition, this international organization markets action sports cameras, two-way and CB radios. The company was struggling with managing a proprietary content management system that few internally at the organization could utilize.

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PKD Foundation Hands

Online Marketing and Usability for Non-Profits

Take a huge non-profit organization's website with multiple missions and get the right audience to not only show up, but find what they're looking for once they've arrived. And do it all on a not for profit budget - every dollar saved is a dollar for the mission.

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Dell Latitude

User Experience Design for DELL Computers

Create a friendly graphic user interface (and virtual flash application for testing and sales purposes) starting only with sketches. Allow users to interact with a lightning-fast Dell-branded linux OS from email and chat to surfing the internet.

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Sweepstakes Microsite with Facebook Application

Create a compelling online sweepstakes that entices users to enter and invite friends while allowing the client the ability to build brand loyalty and collect target market information.

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A site outline with use case scenarios.

Web App UX Design for DST Systems

Take a complex product serving many different markets and build a web interface for both existing and potential customers that is easy to use in a goal-oriented manner.

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KidneyWise Logo Style Guide

Rebranding and Corporate Style Guide Creation

Re-position a "healthy-eating" brand as an innovative and solutions-driven non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and attacking the epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease in the United States in the prevention phase where quality of life is the highest and dollars go the furthest.

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Rockhurst Campus

Market Research and Web Analytics

Process a wealth of data collected in house from a prestigious university's robust web offerings, and turn it into something useful for their marketing department as well as something insightful for school leadership.

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Hope Square

Building a Social Network

Provide a social networking venue that exists as a "walled-garden" for PKD patients and loved ones to commune.

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Hallmark Cards

Graphic Design for Hallmark Cards Division

Design and create new layouts and challenging type styles based on previous successful card designs while adhering to strict brand guidelines.

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To learn more or get a proposal for your project, please Contact Us to set up a no obligation consultation or Submit an RFP.