Voltage Creative

Web Development & Design | Online Marketing

Where technology and design intersect, our clients thrive. Since 2005, our team has created and continues to refine a communication methodology that lets us repeat successes for client after client. It goes hand in hand with this suite of complimentary of products and services. Stuff that will allow you to connect with your customers and constituents in a meaningful way and sell them on your story, product or mission.


Custom WordPress Websites

Have a great looking site and update it any time without touching a line of code. If you can use Facebook, you can use WordPress. It's our foundation for custom-tailored websites that are beautiful, easy to use and a breeze to maintain.


User Interface Design

Human-computer interaction is already ubiquitous. We seek to make it effortless. From mobile and kiosk touch interfaces to web apps and e-commerce suites, we make interfaces that allow technology to engage and empower people.


Social Media API Integration

Get the perks of tried and true mutual benefit marketing supercharged by technology. Whether building Facebook Apps, creating an internal company dashboard or giving corporate staff training we can put the ROI in social.


Voltage Dynamic Maps

Whether giving directions, tracking shipments or showing public health trends by county, context makes data powerful. We build maps combining your data and the Google Maps API. They're fast, easy to use and mobile web accessible.


Search Engine Optimization

If a great website launches and no one can find it, does it make a dollar? (Pro Tip: No.) Good SEO and semantic web best practices are built into all that we do around here. We can also retrofit existing websites and social media profiles.


Voltage Competitive Research

It's hard to win without knowing your competition. We've been building websites a long time and we're great at taking them apart. We can collect data and formulate an online strategy that puts you out in front of your competition.


Strategic Branding Packages

Stop leaving money on the table and start building trust and getting attention. Under our collective belt we have decades of traditional print and branding experience from making killer logos to defining corporate messaging from focus groups.


Voltage Keyword Research

Discover unexploited niches, build products that fill needs and tell great stories. Voltage Keyword Research lets us peek into what your market is actually searching for online, what they're finding and what they wish they were finding.


MailChimp API Integration

Collect and segment user data automatically in the cloud using stable and user friendly MailChimp API and dashboard. Stop using desktop email programs and stacks of spreadsheets to manually manage your mailing lists. Stop now, before it gets worse.

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